Terms and Conditions for Makeup Services


CLM STUDIO - Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist is based in Awanui, Far North and also part time in Ponsonby, Auckland. Claudia takes all bookings at her Professional Makeup Studios. These are in Awanui - Far North and also in Ponsonby - Auckland at her home studio. Only booked clients may be present for bookings at Claudia Louis-Marie's Studios, no others (babies under 6 months are welcome if a sitter cannot be found). Clients under the age of 18 may have 1 adult (per group) present with them, should they wish. Any people who are not booked for makeup will unfortunately be turned away. Free private parking is available at Claudia's Awanui Studio and free street parking is available at her Ponsonby Studio. Please aim to arrive 5-10 minutes before your booking time.

TRAVEL SERVICE - Claudia is able to travel to most locations, POA. A minimum spend of $400 is required. Minimum spend is made up of CLM Makeup Services (travel / extras additional). Additional expenses may be required if job is in another town or city. Accommodation for Claudia is required for one night when travel for 2.5 hours or more one way is required. Accommodation for the night shall not exceed $150 (where possible). Claudia shall book the accomodation, unless agreed otherwise with client. One nights stay also includes two meals. All costs for travel to a booked appointment are to be paid for in advance by client. Costs may include, but are not limited to: airfare, hotel, transport and parking, meals. 

TO BOOK - A 25% deposit payment is required to confirm any booking with Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist (50% for bookings of two people or less). A booking is only confirmed once deposit fee is paid and received. If client cancels their booking for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Please be advised that dates and scheduled makeup times will only be reserved when the deposit is received.

If the booking is for 6 or more people, or is time restricted - there may be need for an assistant. A fully qualified, Professional assistant will be charged at an additional rate of $30/hour to cover their fees. Surcharge will apply to bookings on Public Holidays, Sundays and during some holiday periods.

MINIMUM SPENDS -A minimum spend of $250 is required for any Bridal / Wedding Booking. A minimum spend of $400 is required for any booking that requires Claudia to travel. Minimum spend is made up of CLM Makeup Services (travel / extras additional).

TRAVEL SERVICE REQUIREMENTS -Certain requirements needed when Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist comes to you, so that she can perform the services to her highest standard. Safe and secure parking within 20 metres must be available for Claudia to ensure she can easily unload her equipment. If there is no available parking at the location, the client must inform Claudia well in advance so that other arrangements can be made.  A table / work area must be made available for Claudia to set up at. This must be clean, empty and at least 1000mm x 500mm. Ample natural light is necessary for services to be performed properly (i.e. close to a big window). A working power socket must be available close to the work area. No person(s) are permitted to record or photograph Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist in anyway, excluding Professional Wedding Photographers/Videographers, unless otherwise advised by Claudia.

Client must not hinder Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist from performing her services by eating, drinking, using electronic devices, having photographs or videos taken or attempting to do other things whilst Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist is working on client. Any children around must be kept away from Claudia's Professional Makeup Kit and Tools. They must not interfere whilst Claudia is working on clients. Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist will not be held liable for any injuries that should arise while on location. Any damages to Claudia's Professional Kit or Tools whilst at the clients booking location will be charged to the client in full. Loose garments are best worn during your booking to ensure you do not damage your makeup whilst getting dressed. Claudia may request to take photos of your makeup (before and after) to use on her social media channels. If you do not wish to be asked, please advise Claudia of this.

BOOKING TIMES - A start and end time will be agreed upon by Claudia and the client. Any additional makeup services outside contract will only be performed at the discretion of Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist. All persons scheduled in the makeup booking need to be available at the scheduled time of each session in order to not break the contract. All makeup for a booking must be at one single location, unless agreed upon by Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist and must be done in consecutive times (no gaps in between apart from work breaks for Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist). Bookings required after hours (before 9am / after 6pm) will incur a fee. 

CANCELLATION POLICY - Bookings cancelled by the client for any reason will not be eligible for any refund. You may cancel the appointment at any time up to seven (7) days before the date of service and only lose the deposit (not applicable to Wedding or Large Bookings). After that, you will be charged 50% of the remaining balance. If you cancel within 48hours prior to appointment, you will be charged 100% of the quoted rate. This contract is non-negotiable.If the client has not arrived, delays start time or is not ready to begin makeup session 10 minutes after their designated appointment time, the appointment may be deemed cancelled and the client will pay the full price of their booking plus a cancellation fee of $20. Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist will make the final call on whether a booking will still go ahead if the client is late or delays start time. Booking time or location cannot be changed once Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist had arrived for appointment.  Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist reserves the right to terminate your booking for any non-compliance of terms. Booking will be voided and all monies given will be non-refundable. Claudia reserves the right to cancel or withdraw from an appointment at any time if she is unable to perform her duties for any reason. The client agrees that 100% of payment refunded is the only liability to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist. The deposit paid will be fully refunded within 2 weeks.

WEDDING + LARGE BOOKING CANCELLATIONS - Bookings cancelled or changed by the client for any reason will not be eligible for any refund. If cancellation of Wedding or Large Booking appointments occur within 1 month of the booking, the client agrees to pay a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the cancelled services (including fees) to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist. If cancellation of Wedding or Large Booking appointments occur within 7 days of the booking, the client agrees to pay 100% of the total remaining balance immediately to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist. Wedding or Large Booking appointments cancelled or changed by the client for any reason within 7 days of booking date may also be required to cover an additional 15% of their total booking price in cancellation fees. Claudia will have turned away other work and unfortunately this loss of income will have to be covered.

LIABILITY - Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist ensures all brushes, tools and makeup products are sanitised and are continually kept clean between every makeup application. Any skin condition must be reported by the client to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist prior to booking commencing. You are legally obliged to disclose privately to Claudia if you are sick, ill or contagious in any way at the time Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist will be performing a makeup session on you. Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist reserves the right to refuse any sick, ill, contagious clients. Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist reserves the right to make any final decision on whether a client is unsafe to perform a makeup session on. Client agrees to release Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist from liability for any skin complications due to allergic reactions.

TO MAKE A CANCELLATION - If the cancellation notification is 72 hours or less, the only acceptable method of cancellation is via a telephone call/text to 0211626386. Voicemail is not acceptable, therefore if you cannot reach Claudia Louis-Marie by phone call, a text message must be sent.  For 72 hours or more, an email is acceptable.

CONTRACT - A client service agreement will be emailed to the client to read before booking services for a particular session.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Makeup will always be completed to the clients satisfaction, but is not to exceed the ample allocated booking time. If however exceeded through a fault of the client, an additional charge invoice as 'On Site Touch Ups' may be charged. Acceptance of completed makeup application by client is acknowledgment by client to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction.

PAYMENT - Claudia Louis-Marie only accepts online payments (bank transfer) - no exceptions.  International Bank Transfers are available for overseas clients, however any fees charged through Banks must be covered by client. The final balance is due (showing in account) 7 days prior to the scheduled booking, unless otherwise advised - no exceptions. Payment must be completed and paid in full before job begins - no exceptions. The person who made the booking is who is responsible for all payments being correctly made.

Bookings which require flights, accommodation and or transport and parking must ensure all related costs are paid for in full with deposit payment. Claudia must be able to book such travel services as promptly as possible. 

By making a booking with Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist the client engages in “Service” and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions and the contract of service. These terms and conditions and the contract of service are a legal agreement between you and Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist. These terms and conditions apply to all clients. If you do not agree with the terms of use, do not access, use or engage in work with the provider. Once you have engaged with Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist we will assume you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions may change without notice. Prices are subject to change.

In the event an invoice is issued for fees to be payed for any reason (cancellation etc) then payment shall be due within 24 hours of the date of the invoice. If the client does not pay the amounts owed to Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist when due, amounts and invoices will be passed on to a collection agency to pursue you for collections. Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist reserves the right to take any legal action and to terminate your right to book with her at any time at her own discretion.

REFUNDS - Refunds are not available for any completed services; therefore if you are in any way dissatisfied, it is up to you to discuss this with Claudia before your booking ends (must not exceed 6 hours after the booking). All discussions regarding refunds/discounts will be entered into on a case-by-case basis and from there Claudia can make sure that you both see eye to eye. 

Please read the terms and conditions and service agreement carefully before booking with Claudia Louis-Marie Makeup Artist.

*Large Booking is a booking of 3 or more people.

These Terms and Conditions are legally copyrighted. Copying or plagiarism will result in legal action taken against the offender.

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